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IB Career-related Programme

The IB Career-related Programme (IBCP) is another option for Amundsen students who want the intellectual challenge of an IB education but who also want to develop their career skills. Students at Amundsen who are in their sophomore year of school can apply for this unique program that allows them to combine IB Diploma coursework with a career-related study during their junior and senior years.  
The program is built around a core curriculum which includes
  • The IB Personal and Professional Skills Course
  • The IBCP Reflective Project
  • IBCP Language Development
  • Service Learning
Students at Amundsen who enroll in the IBCP will study a career pathway in Design Innovation.  Students take courses in engineering design and entrepreneurship in addition to their Diploma Programme coursework.  Students who satisfactorily complete all of the IBCP requirements qualify for the Certificate of the IB Career-related Programme.
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