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Community Partners

Amundsen High School is proud to collaborate with a wide range of community partners. The organizations below represent only a few of our partners, and this list is in the process of being updated.  If you are an Amundsen partner organization and your group is not represented on this page, please contact the school and we will work with you to add your group's information to our list.  Thank you!


Amundsen Athletics Foundation


Amundsen Athletics Foundation (AAF) operates as a charitable 501(c)(3) and dedicated to promoting school and community support for the Amundsen High School athletics program. AAF is funded through initiatives made possible through our Amundsen Allies and support of volunteers and community members. Proceeds go towards student athlete programs and supplies, and events that promote family and community awareness of Amundsen High School athletics.


College Possible


In College Possible’s high school program, students attend after-school sessions for two hours twice a week throughout their junior and senior years. Over the course of these two years, students participate in more than 320 hours of programming in a supportive group of college-bound peers. Coaches implement an interactive curriculum designed to guide students through the key aspects of preparing for college.


James Dyson Foundation


For the first time since it opened its doors in 1920, Amundsen High School is offering an engineering course to the students. Amundsen is the first school in the U.S. to house a fully functional James Dyson Foundation Design + Engineering Makerspace. Students in our Dyson Design and Innovation Program have access to industry-standard engineering equipment, including numerous 3D printers, electronic cutters, digital 3D scanners, saws, drills, hammers, and other tools. The Dyson Design and innovation Lab is also home to new computers with Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software. Students in the program are exposed to a pre-engineering curriculum in the hopes of sparking students' interest in studying engineering and design in college. Because of Amundsen's commitment to providing its students with a robust education to prepare them for post-secondary endeavors, the school is in the process of creating a 4-year curriculum to support enhanced opportunities for students to participate in the program.


Erie Health Center


The Amundsen Erie School-Based Health Center is dedicated exclusively to adolescents attending Amundsen High School. At Erie, we know that being a teenager isn’t always easy so we are here to empower teens to take control of their health by offering a wide variety of health services. Our services are friendly, respectful and confidential, so students never have to worry about seeking out the care or help that they need. To make an appointment, students should visit the Health Center in Room 307

Friends of Amundsen

Friends of Amundsen is a not-for-profit organization of all volunteer parents, educators, and community members dedicated to supporting Amundsen High School through outreach, partnerships, and fundraising. Our goal is to help the school administrators and teachers provide a nurturing environment for the students to excel and become well rounded and confident young adults through fundraising and community building efforts. For more information please go to friendsofamundsen.org




SAGA Innovations helps students in a very direct way. Students in participating schools receive personalized instruction in their regular school day in groups of two from professional, full-time Tutoring Fellows. In addition to academic instruction, tutors mentor students on the behaviors, skills, attitudes and strategies that are critical to academic achievement. SAGA innovations provides regular communication to families, keeping them engaged in their child’s learning, and addressing the needs of chronically under-performing students.


Youth Guidance

Through mentoring, role-playing and group exercises, BAM (Becoming a Man) students practice impulse control and emotional self-regulation.  They raise their aspirations for the future and develop a sense of personal responsibility.

Today, WOW (Working on Womanhood) is a multifaceted, school year-long group counseling and clinical mentoring program. WOW works to improve social-emotional competencies for girls in 7th-12th grade exposed to traumatic stressors in high risk and under-resourced communities.