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Mission and Vision


Amundsen High School is THE school of choice for our neighborhood families due to its excellent student achievement results and competitive academic and extracurricular programs, offered in a 21st century facility. Teaching to ensure growth and achievement is the core principle of all instruction. Amundsen High School graduates embrace intercultural respect and possess the needed skills to be leaders in their communities and in a global society. Finally, every Amundsen High School graduate will be Accountable, Honorable, and Scholarly.

Our mission is to provide every Amundsen student with: a 21st Century rigorous and relevant education, which prepares them for success in their post-secondary academic endeavors and careers; authentic learning experiences that develop their ability to be life-long, independent thinkers and learners, equipped with comprehensive literacy skills in mathematics, languages, arts, sciences, and technology; and, a foundation for understanding a variety of cultural perspectives (international-mindedness) and a service-oriented mindset.