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Wow! It’s been an exciting and eventful few years. As the principal of Amundsen High School since 2012, I have been fortunate to lead our neighborhood high school through a remarkable and exciting transformation that has earned our neighborhood high school a CPS “school quality rating” of Level 1+. We are proud to have led our students to this level of academic and post-secondary success while maintaining our focus on inclusivity and diversity. We are eager to share the great news about our improvements in all areas, spanning academics, athletics, student-life and university and not-for-profit partnerships. Our $30M+ capital improvement projects have been extensive. Future projects are still being planned. Once completed, they will further enhance our school-wide learning environment and physical setting for athletics and other extra-curricular activities.
The Viking Way, which fosters the development of Accountable, Honorable, and Scholarly graduates, is at the core of every student’s cultural and academic experiences. Our comprehensive course catalog and thriving student-life ensure that every student feels challenged and valued. Amundsen High School is a stand-out choice among both magnet and neighborhood options for many reasons, including the following: high performing International Baccalaureate Programme; “Wall-to-Wall” Middle Years Programme” for all students in 9th and 10th grades; competitive results in Academic Decathlon, Science Fair, Math Team, etc.; thriving and well-funded athletic and extra-curricular programs; safe environment; and, an unwavering commitment to providing every student an authentic college and career preparatory experience that meets their unique educational needs.
Choosing a high school is an exciting, important, and daunting decision, but the high school journey is an unparalleled learning experience for all students. We strive to create this personalized learning experience for all students and are committed to making all decisions based on the needs of our students, who are at the center of everything we do. 
Goooo Vikings!
Anna Pavichevich
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Recent News

Accountability Matters Featured Photo

Accountability Matters

Due to an error in processing grades, some report cards were issued with incorrect information on them. The error has been corrected and new report cards have been sent to affected students. We apologize for the error and are working to ensure that it does not happen again. Transcripts should not have been affected by this error and were sent out to colleges at a later date. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to the school. Thank you!
Amundsen Students Make Beautiful Music Together! Featured Photo

Amundsen Students Make Beautiful Music Together!

This past week the Amundsen High School community got a welcome respite from the spring rains while attending Amundsen's Spring Music Concerts. On Tuesday, our orchestra performed several works following Chappell Elementary School's amazing performance. On Wednesday, the Amundsen Chorus and Band took over the stage and wowed us with their solo and group performances. Thank you so much to Orchestra Director Mr. Sean Reidy, Band Director Mr. Omar Fong-Bances, Chorus Director Mr. William Spain, Chamber Ensemble Director Mr. Gregory Caswell and members of the Chicago Civic Orchestra for your hard work and dedication to our students!

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  • Level 1+Neighborhood High School
  • 100%of IB Diploma Graduates Earned Early College Credentials
  • U of C 5EssentialsWell-Organized for Improvement
  • 25+Athletic Teams
  • 1+Neighborhood High School
  • 100%of IB Diploma Graduates Earned Early College Credentials
  • U of C 5EssentialsWell-Organized for Improvement
  • 25+Athletic Teams