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Amundsen High School offers a comprehensive high school experience with something for EVERY student. 

Fall 2022 Admissions Events Calendar:

November 5, 2022 10am-1pm AHS Open House  (Click link for details!)
Wednesday November 16, 2022 6pm-7pm
IB Program Virtual Information Session
Dates TBD 8th Grade Viking Experience  (Click link for details!)


Admissions Information for Amundsen IB
Amundsen IB is a selective program.  Students wishing to apply to our IB program will be selected admitted using multiple criteria including grades, high school admissions test scores, and residency within Amundsen's attendance area.  These criteria are combined to form a "cut score" that is used to allocate seats in our program.  You can compute your IB Cut Score by entering your CPS admissions test data and 7th Grade Core Grades below:
Students who live in Amundsen's attendance area will always have a seat at Amundsen, but are not guaranteed a seat in IB.  Attendance area students who are interested in IB should apply through GoCPS and make sure that they take the high school admissions test in November.
Admissions Information for Amundsen Grow Community Partnership
The Amundsen Grow Community Partnership provides students from select elementary schools with a preference in obtaining a seat at Amundsen.  This preference is managed by GoCPS  using a lottery system.  You can read more about how students are selected for the Grow Program at this link
How should I rank my selections if I really want to attend Amundsen?
We encourage families who are strongly interested in attending Amundsen to rank Amundsen IB first (if that is your top choice program) and Amundsen Grow second.  If IB is not a program of interest for you, rank Amundsen Grow first to maximize your chances of obtaining a seat at Amundsen.  You will be accepted into the most highly ranked program with which you are matched. 

Contact our Admissions Team if you have any questions:

Irwin Lim, IB MYP Coordinator: [email protected]  773-534-2546
Zulma Soto, Registrar: [email protected]  773-534-2828
Minh Nguyen, Assistant Principal: [email protected] 773-534-2824
Colleen Murray IB DP/CP Coordinator [email protected] 773-534-2569