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Registration and Enrollment Forms

Step 1 - Download Registration Forms
Registration Forms for Incoming Freshmen
Registration for Returning Students in Grades 10 - 12
Students in upper grades can turn in all mandatory forms Monday - Friday from 9am to 12pm.
Between August 16th and August 20th, forms may be turned in between 8am and 3pm.

Step 2 - Complete and Print Downloaded Registration Forms


The downloaded forms may be filled out either electronically or manually by hand.  Forms with electronic signatures will NOT be accepted.  Please sign the forms by hand.


Step 3 - Prepare verification documents needed for drop-off (INCOMING FRESHMEN ONLY)


Please make your own copies of the following documents and submit them at drop off:


  • A copy of the student's Birth Certificate
  • A copy of the Parent's/Legal Guardian's State ID or Driver's License
  • A copy of two forms of residency verification (current Light or Gas Bill, Voter's Registration Card, Public Aid or Medical Card)


Step 4 – Drop off completed registration forms and copies of verification documents when they have been completed.


Step 5 - Fee Payment


Access to online fee payments will be made available after you have enrolled your child.  More information is available on the Amundsen High School Business Office page at: 

For more information regarding registration, please contact our admissions staff.