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Since the early age of 14, Denise Barba has been an advocate in the fine arts by participating in programs such as After School Matters, Gallery 37, and Yollocalli Arts Reach. She received her Bachelors from Northeastern Illinois University in 2009 as a double major in Secondary Education and Fine Arts with an emphasis in Painting. Ms. Barba also recently accomplished her masters in Literacy Education in 2019 and is in the process of being endorsed as a Reading Specialist.
Ms. Barba is also Amundsen's After School Matters Liaison, sharing creative work opportunities with students. Recruiting teens for this work program allows for her to share the love of the fine arts as students gain the opportunity to earn a paycheck while learning how to create and perform different forms of art. Such programs provided at Amundsen High School are a Metals Work Program, The Art of Skateboards, Stand-Up Comedy with Second City, and Students for Civic Rights.
*These creative work opportunities have moved remotely. Visit to look up programs and apply! Once hired, they will send you an art kit and a Google Classroom code to join and learn new skills! 
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Office Hours:
1st: Art 1
2nd: Art 1
3rd: Art 1
4th: Prep
5th: Prep
6th: Lunch
7th: IB DP YR2
8th: Art 1
***May not be available during 4th or 5th due to meetings.