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Natalia Sikora

Welcome Viking Scientists!
I'm Ms. Sikora and I'm excited to see you all in person this year. 
A little about me:
 I graduated from Northeastern Illinois University in Biology and Secondary Education in 2020. In my undergraduate research I focused on genetics conservation in Rhodiola rosea , and completed my undergraduate thesis on the "Expression Analysis of Antioxidant Genes in Mutant and Wild type Drosophila melanogaster (fruit flies)". 
I'm currently back at Northeastern completing a Masters in Biology.
This is my third year as an Amundsen Viking!
In my spare time I love traveling, horseback riding, painting, and playing video games.
I believe every one of you will leave my classroom as better and more inquisitive scientist.
The easiest way to contact me is through email: [email protected]
During the school year I will respond to messages within two business days.
Super excited to meet all of you!
See you soon, 
Ms. Sikora