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Career and Technical Education Program (CTE)

Career and Technical Education (CTE) is a program designed to prepare students for employment in the high-demand field of technology.  CTE students follow a rigorous college and career-preparatory program, with additional classes that connect classroom knowledge with real-life workplace problem-solving skills.  Amundsen High School's CTE program offers concentrations in Web Design and in Game Programming.  The CTE  curricula provide a wide range of technical skills and opportunities to earn industry-recognized certifications.  Amundsen is one of only a few CPS high schools where students can learn a new curriculum, provided by Apple, that teach students to become more than just consumers of mobile apps.  They are learning to develop apps for the Apple environment that will help to enrich the lives of others.
More information about Amundsen's CTE program can be found on the Computer Science page as well as on the CPS Choose your Future CTE Homepage.