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DP Visual Art Year 1 (Juniors)

Welcome to Visual Arts Diploma Program Year 1!
Over this two year program students will embark on a journey to complete three tasks by the spring of senior year.
All three tasks are connected by the visual arts journal (VAPJ) in which the students plan artwork, create new ideas, discover their style, write about artwork of their own and others, and reflect on the entire process.
Task 1 is a Comparative Study:  Students examine, research, and compare 3+ artworks from 2+ artists AND create artwork connected in some way to these artists. 

Task 2 is the Process Portfolio: Students create digital presentations describing art making processes and ideas, investigations into other artists and their work,  and reflection and revisions of artwork. (Evidence most often found in the Visual Arts Journal.

Task 3 is the final Exhibition: In March of senior year students have an exhibition of 8-11 resolved pieces of art accompanied by an Exhibition text for each work (500 characters) and a Curatorial Rationale (700 words).

Every unit and lesson in Quarters 1-3 of year 1 is  designed to help students understand the criterion and rubrics for the three final tasks, while they discover their own style and preferred media. Quarter 4 of year 1 is very independent, with students beginning to visualize and create their final exhibition and research the CS artists, all the while keeping record of their process for the Process Portfolio. 

It will be necessary for students to work on all three tasks, including artwork, outside of class time. Visiting galleries and art museums is also a required experience. 

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