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MYP Syllabus

Letter to Parents and students from Mrs. MacBeth

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I work to build my students' confidence and understanding that through perseverance and resilience anyone CAN learn to draw, paint, sculpt, design, or create what ever they envision. During Sophomore year MYP visual arts students apply the "inquiry, action, and reflection" cycle while building skills with a wide range of media. Students are led through planning processes which develop artwork reflecting their personal intentions and style. In addition to making art, students learn to look at and confidently talk about artwork throughout the year.


The following are the IB aims for the MYP arts program.


Encourage and enable students to:

  • create and present art
  • develop skills
  • engage in a process of creative exploration and (self-)discovery
  • make purposeful connections between investigation and practice
  • understand the relationship between art and culture, history, identity, etc
  • respond to and reflect on art
  • deepen their understanding of the world


Please enjoy the photo gallery below AND go to the Amundsen Art Gallery Padlet. Click here. You'll find photos of artwork and students in the studio working, discussing, presenting, and celebrating their creations!