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Welcome Back

My name is Mr. Johansson. I am honored to have the opportunity to enter my second year at Amundsen High School. I earned my Bachelors of Art degree with an emphasis on Physical Education right down the street at Northeastern Illinois University. My goal as a physical education teacher is to help the students gain the skills and knowledge required to become lifelong movers. My students will actively participate in a wide range of physical activities in an emotionally safe and supportive environment. Students will also regularly participate in team building and communication activities to help them succeed inside and outside of the classroom. 
Athletics have always been an important part of my life. During the fall, I am a member of The Amundsen Vikings Football staff. During the spring I am a member of The Amundsen Vikings Baseball staff. Coaching is always easier when you have a good group of student athletes. The students and student athletes that I have been fortunate enough to work with are outstanding young adults, and I look forward to building positive relationships with as many students as possible. 
Period 1) Competitive Team Sports
Period 2) Competitive Team Sports
Period 3) Office Hours
Period 4) Individual/Lifetime Activity
Period 5) Individual/Lifetime Activity
Period 6) Competitive Team Sports
Period 7) Office Hours
Period 8) Competitive Team Sports