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About Mr. Breen
Mr. Breen received his BFA in Fine Art Photography with a minor in Art History from Columbia College Chicago in 2007. After working in the photo industry and teaching at the Evanston Art Center, he decided to pursue his passion for teaching by earning his teaching license from Northeastern Illinois University. He student taught at Amundsen.
He spent the last 5 years at Sarah E. Goode STEM Academy where he was a part of the award winning MCA S.P.A.C.E. program (School Partnership for Arts and Civic Engagement). Last year Mr. Breen earned his MA in Digital Communications and Media Arts at DePaul University, which included a co-designed, web-based virtual reality project with his students.
In his free time he likes to go antiquing, take walks to the beach, listen to electronic music, tend to his plants, binge-watch a dark comedy or drama, and start a new experimental art project.
This is his 2nd year teaching at Amundsen. By popular demand, he will be teaching all beginning and advanced Graphic Arts classes this year. He also co-sponsor's GSA on Tuesday's afternoon. He's eager to be in-person again with his students!
Current Courses Taught
MYP Graphic Arts / Graphic Arts I
This IB Middle Years Program Visual Art course will familiarize you with art and design fundamentals, contemporary and traditional art making processes, methods for close reading and interpreting art, and the ways in which artists are influenced by and shape the world. You will also articulate and express your ideas visually, verbally, and in written form. This course emphasizes design elements and principles in the purposeful arrangement of images and text to communicate a message. Students will utilize industry-standard software and also study the cultural and historical design works of different periods, genres and styles by considering context, audience, and techniques.
Units of Study:
•Composing our Graphic Life (Logos and Publication Page)
•The Journey is the Destination (Travel Posters)
•Lean Forward (Virtual Reality)
•Ready to Wear (3D Prototypes)
•Photo Constructions (Photo Collages)
•Book Report (Cover Designs)

MYP Graphic Arts II
This course is designed to build on the Graphic Design introductory class and provides students the opportunity to advance and expand their understanding regarding the process of proposing, designing, and producing digital and print graphic design products as well as understanding the impact and role that visual art/graphic design has on society and culture. Students review and build on what they learned in Graphic Arts I regarding composition, layout, digital art, illustration, typography, photo manipulation, and collaborative project creation and management that incorporate these and other elements. Using a variety of software tools, students create and print products for a variety of projects including real-world applications such as school related events and activities. Students develop a professional industry standard portfolio-demonstrating master of the learning standards. This class is intended for students who wish to continue their education in graphic design, digital illustration, and/or multimedia art by building a design portfolio.
Units of Study:
•Abstract Compositions (Reviewing Principles of Design)
•Stories in Style (Design History)
•Personality Type (Typeface)
•Constructed Realities (Photo Collages)
•Faces in Plastic (Drawing and 3D Printing)
•Art in Marketing (Product Packages)
Mr. Breen's Google Classrooms
1st-MYP Graphic Arts I
2nd-Graphic Arts I
3rd-Graphic Arts I
4th-Mr. Breen's Lunch
5th-MYP Graphic Arts II or Art II (Cluster)
8th-Graphic Arts I

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