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What do we study in World Language?

In World Language at Amundsen, we utilize IB themes and curriculum planning to give our students authentic, real-world experiences with language. 
We align ACTFL (American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages) Standards (Communication, Cultures, Connections, Comparisons, Communities) to our IB curriculum to be sure that students are receiving language education that aligns to current best practices in the field. 
In each unit, across all languages, students are assessed on all three modes of communication: Interpretive (reading and listening), Interpersonal (spontaneous, unrehearsed conversation), and Presentational (polished speaking and writing). These assessments prepare students for their IB exams, which assess receptive skills (reading and listening), interactive skills (unrehearsed speaking), and productive skills (polished writing). 
In our classes, we study a variety of themes and topics: the environment, mass media, conflict and peace, art, interpersonal connections, health, technology, magical realism, short stories, extended pieces of literature, human rights/injustice, gender studies, language in its cultural context, immigration, language and identity, the school day, families, vacations and pastimes, and more. We love what we do in our department!