College Application Process

STEP 1: Carefully Research and Select: 

  • 1-2 "Safety" Schools
  • 1-2 "Target" (or "match") Schools
  • 1-2 "Reach" Schools

*Please click on the “Finding Your College Match” link below to find schools that match your GPA/SAT

STEP 2: Apply Online

  • Students should apply to colleges through the Common App or directly on a college's website, if that particular college is not a Common App school.


STEP 3: Request to have your Transcript, SAT Score, Recommendations & Fee Waiver Sent

  • Visit: CPS Family Connection(Student Login)
  • Log into Family Connection with your CPS email address and password
  • Match your Family Connection account to your Common App account (please watch the following video on how to do this:
  • Use Family Connection to send your transcripts to colleges you've applied to.