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About Me

I have been teaching at Amundsen for more than 10 years.  
I have a BA in Electrical Engineering from Northwestern University and a Master's degree from UIC in Secondary Math Education.
I have 3 kids who are in 4th, 6th and 8th grade all in CPS.
I am an avid birdwatcher and you might see me at the lakefront or a local park looking for migratory birds passing through.
I live in the neighborhood.  Feel free to say hi if you see me at Jewel or strolling down Clark Street.



Dual Credit Calculus summer packet

Copies of the summer packet are in the main office in my mailbox.  If you did not get one for some reason please stop by and pick one up.  Show all work.  They are due on the first day of class.

Materials for Class

Each student needs a spiral notebook with built in pockets or a spiral notebook and separate folder.  If you can get a graph paper spiral notebook to use that is the best.
We will be graphing so graph paper is helpful.  
Ruler, highlighter, red pen.
Adv Algebra and Precalc:  Each students needs a scientific calculator. TI-30xiis is a good choice or something similar.
Calc need at least a scientific calculator.  If you are getting a graphing calculator a TI-84 or 89 is good.