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MS O DOWD (Social Studies)


                 My name is Ethel O Dowd and I have been teaching here at Amundsen HS for the past 12 years. I am originally from Ireland but have lived in Chicago for the past 20 years. I received my Bachelors of Arts Degree from Northeastern and have obtained a masters in Curriculum and Instruction and in Administration.  Within my 12 years at Amundsen I have taught all grade levels from Freshmen to Seniors and have taught  all class levels from Regular, Honors, IB, and Special Education. I love to team teach and collaborate with my co-workers to make lessons engaging for students. This year, I am excited to be teaching our Junior Civics Course. All course work will be posted on Google Classroom which all students  will receive the joining code to on week 1. I will also invite parents to join google-classroom.  If you have any questions or concerns I can  be reached via e-mail  Attached below is a link to each Classes Google Classroom. Also attached is a description of the each Course taught, Syllabus, Classroom Policies and Procedures and the Grading Criteria for each course. 




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Social Studies

Ms. O Dowd