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Welcome to Ms. Genevieve Huddleston's homepage.  I am excited to teach my 19th year at Amundsen High School as a Freshman and Sophomore Diverse Learner and ESL teacher in English classes.  While the start of the year may be very different from what we are accustomed for school, I will do my best to support students and families.  Cooperatively, we will explore these new learning experiences and discover new means of learning. Together, we are agents of change in education.  Please be assured, I will nurture and support students’ learning, while being mindful of students' health and wellness.  To learn more about my classroom, please review the "Ms. Huddleston's School Year Welcome Slides" provided on the link to the left.


At Amundsen, we value the Viking Way: Accountable, Honorable, and Scholarly.



It is important that students, teachers, and parents work together to ensure success.  Practicing responsibility is a critical skill we focus on in the class.  As accountable Vikings, students are to be prompt, prepared, and engaged with synchronous online learning.  Please visit the "Remote Learning Tips" page for parents and students to read together and discuss a a plan for at home progress and success. 


Amundsen takes great pride in the honor our students exhibit.  The Viking staff continues to promote, support, and celebrate honorable acts of kindness, empathy, and service.  The classroom environment welcomes and celebrates student diversity, learning styles, unique qualities, and talents.  I am excited to keep students, parents, and community up to date on what exciting is going on in the classroom and with the students through twitter “tweets” and Instagram posts.  I will post student accomplishments, exciting news, and updates of various classroom activities.  This is where students can showcase their “Honor” and hard work. I ask students to share new and exciting events, accomplishments, etc. to share in their successes with others in the classroom. 


Amundsen is a proud International Baccalaureate- Middle Years Program school.  This year your child will grow as a learner incorporating IB Learner Profile attributes and the Approaches to Learning.  These will be embedded in the curriculum, and the goal is that students use these skills and attributes to further their social-emotional, communication, physical and academic growth.

This year, the students will continue to improve and increase their reading, writing, critical thinking skills and problem solving skills.  The goal is for your son/daughter to gain confidence in their academics and become 21st century problem solvers.  This will be accomplished through setting high expectations and hard work!  I am excited to see your child grow to mature, successful Amundsen Vikings!

Taste the Difference: AHS Service and Leadership Club

I am a proud sponsor of the Taste the Difference Club.  Taste the Difference (TTD) consists of student leaders committed to making a difference in our community.  All of our projects center around food health and helping/serving others.  TTD provides students with valuable experiences working with peers, adult professionals and community leaders to make a positive impact in our world.  Collaboration on projects provides the TTD student leaders with authentic work experiences. They are not only leaders at the school, but also in the city of Chicago. To learn more about Taste the Difference please view my Taste the Difference Google Sites Page . 




English students using art to enhance language and communication.  Thank you Mr. Kuhlman and Mr. Lange for engaging Diverse Learners!
Taste the Difference loves to volunteer with Ravenswood Community Services helping those in need in our community at their soup kitchen.  Join us next time!
Taste the Difference had a blast working with future Vikings packaging Lunches of Love for local senior citizens at Chicago Methodist Senior Services during the AHS Open House.