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Growing up in a small rural community in Texas, I studied agricultural economics at Texas Tech University.   While studying there, I saw a flyer on the bulletin board that led me to pursue an internship at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.   After a few years in the industry, I earned a M.S. in Financial Markets and Trading from Illinois Tech.  


Working in the futures industry for nearly 25 years enabled me to develop skills that translates to teaching.  My business experience gave me exposure to management, sales & marketing, customer service, trading/risk management, compliance, and legal.   Upon leaving the futures industry, I began working as a teacher’s aide at Northside Catholic Academy and later a substitute teacher for Chicago Public Schools before going back to school to earn my secondary teaching credentials through American College of Education.   I am excited to work with students teaching Advanced Algebra/Trig and Entrepreneurship.  


On a personal note, I live in Chicago with my husband and 3 sons.  As a family, we enjoy playing card games, board games, and sports including basketball, volleyball, and baseball to name a few.  

Department Chair:
Olga Prappas  --   [email protected]
Google Classroom Links: 
1st -- Honors Adv. Algebra with Trig --
2nd -- Regular Adv. Algebra with Trig --
4th -- Entrepreneurship --
5th -- Honors Adv. Algebra with Trig --
6th -- Regular Adv. Algebra with Trig --
Meeting Availability:
If you would like to meet or if a student needs additional support,  I am usually available by 7:00 am in room 223 or available by appointment.  The math department also hosts regularly scheduled tutoring sessions after school.