Anne Prindiville » Welcome to Ms. Prindiville's 2022-23 page!

Welcome to Ms. Prindiville's 2022-23 page!

General Biology Course Description

Biology is broadly defined as the study of living things. During this school year, we will investigate and develop our understanding of what biology means for us – specifically, we will study the form and function of living things on a number of levels. We will use NGSS Science and Engineering Practices to build our understanding. Through our inquiries, experiments, and discussions, our understanding of biology will grow and we will begin to realize the incredible diversity of life on earth, and the amazing similarities shared by all living things. We will cover the following topics: 

Unit 1: Science Practices- What does a scientist do?

Unit 2: Cell Division- How does Tom get cancer?

Unit 3- Genetics- What is Sickle cell and how does it affect the body?

Unit 4- Natural Selection & Evolution- How do we have so many different species?

Unit 5- Ecology- How all the parts of the ecosystem work together?

Unit 6- Climate Change- How do our choices affect earth?

Period 2  Biology (Englund)        Room 318
Period 3  Biology (Sikora)           Room 322
Period 5  Biology (Englund)        Room 321
Period 7  Biology                          Room 207
Period 8  Biology (Englund)        Room 318

A Little About Me

I'm Anne Prindiville and my pronouns are "she/her". I joined Amundsen's Viking community in 2021 as a Diverse Learner teacher in the Biology department. I really enjoy working with the Amundsen students. Science surrounds us and our Amundsen Biology team makes learning about it interesting and exciting. Instilling a love of science is important to me and my co-teachers!

I graduated from the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana with a BA. After years tutoring Chicago's youth, I returned to school to get a Masters in Teaching from National Louis University. After getting experience as a general education teacher, I moved into the Diverse Learning field where I provide individualized instruction to students. I provide support for general education students and those with IEP's so all can succeed. I'm involved with Amundsen's Environmental Club.

I am available to answer questions or address concerns. I am available to meet weekdays from 7:45-8:20 AM. I will respond within one school day to email.

I look forward to 2022-23!