Edward (Ted) Nelson » Introduction


Hello, my name is Edward (Ted) Nelson, and I am excited to start my first official year at Amundsen High School as a Diverse Learner Instructor. I am familiar with the school and the amazing students here as I have substitute taught here for three years and last year filled in as a temporary teacher for Physics. 
I received my undergraduate education at the University of Tennessee and my Masters at Western Illinois University in history. I worked as a claims examiner for several life insurance companies before returning to get a teachers certificate and an endorsement in special education. It was a long and winding road, but delighted that it took me to Amundsen High School. I look forward to working with Amundsen students, parents, and fellow staff and hope to provide stability during these uncertain times.
Feel free to email me at [email protected] I am free during 1st period and 3rd period. Students can reach out to me via Google chat.
When not teaching, my passion is outdoor adventure and world travel. During long weekends and breaks I can be found canoeing, hiking, skiing and hope to resume world travel soon. I was set to travel to Amundsen homeland Norway when the Pandemic hit in 2020 to participate in a cross-country ski Marathon. I blog about my adventures at Traveling Ted.


I am excited to work with the Cluster students in 201 and 203 with Ms. Kalb and Mr. Markowitz as well as Ms. Bean and Mr. Westerkamp in U.S. History. I am also teaching a Physics class and look forward to working with all the students, SECAs, and other staff as well as collaborating with parents.