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Ms. Meghan Taylor

Hi! Welcome to my homepage! 
A little bit about myself:
This is my fourth year being an Amundsen Viking! 
I graduated from Western Illinois University with cum laude honors in 2013. I majored in history education and Spanish. Sadly, I am not able to speak Spanish to the level that I used to. One of my goals for the year is to practice more and speak confidently.
Previously, I taught at Rickover Naval Academy for five years where I taught a variety of social studies courses and Exploring Computer Science. 
Currently teaching:
Exploring Computer Science/ Fundamentals of IT
o Human-Computer Interaction
o Problem Solving
o Web Design
o Intro to Programming
o Robotics
This course is designed to introduce students to a wide range of opportunities in the field of science. technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) through an exploration of engaging and accessible topics. It covers how the Internet works, how to analyze big data, how to code to create websites and programs, and how computers impact our everyday lives. Each student will also develop better thinking, problem-solving, collaboration, writing, and speaking skills as they become better prepared for college and careers. Furthermore, students will be engaged in several projects to demonstrate the real-world application of computing.
Web Development I and II 

Web Page and Interactive Media Development is a skill-level course designed to prepare students to plan, design, create and maintain web pages and sites. Students will learn the fundamentals of web page design using HTML, HTML editors, and graphic editors. Students will work in a project-based environment to create a working website. Students will learn to create pages, add hyperlinks, make tables and frames, create forms, integrate images, and set styles. Students will use image-editing programs to manipulate scanned images, computer graphics, and original artwork. Instruction will include creating graphical headers, interactive menus and buttons, and visually appealing backgrounds.


Students will create a Web Design and Development Digital Portfolio at the end of the course that includes the visual design and web development performance tasks that they complete during each unit. It is important that students have continued access to the Web Design and Development Project they create, and their digital portfolios, because they will be further developed in the Web Development II course.


Additionally, after learning about visual design and creating web page elements, students will take the Adobe Certified Associate exam in Photoshop at the end of the first semester. Students will then begin their study of the HTML and CSS web development languages, and the course will culminate with the Microsoft Technology Associate certification exam in HTML and CSS.

Office Hours: 
By appointment