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Thank you for visiting my teacher page!   I am excited to learn new students, staff, families, and community and to be back in the school building. This year, you will find me in the Diverse Learners department teaching World Studies. It is one of my favorite subjects to teach.  I consider myself a world traveler and do my best to push myself out of my comfort zones to experience new ways of life cultures, and languages.  It is through this philosophy of life that I think we can see the common bonds that tie us together as humans and help to eradicate the self-imposed walls and boundaries. 
On top of that, I love to read; I think it is the most important skill we can develop.  Therefore, I like to use my classroom as a place to develop our reading skills while simultaneously exploring different cultures and histories from around the world.  My hope is that learning about the world through a literary lens will inspire everyone to explore our wonderful planet.  After all, the world has never been smaller.  
Please, feel free to explore my linked Google Classroom pages.  That is where much of the communication will take place with my classes.  In there, you can find my syllabus, which details my contact information, grading policy, and office hours, and the assignments on which we have been working.  The best way to contact me is through email.  Please do not hesitate to reach out!
I hope you are prepared for a fun and challenging 2019-2020 school year!  I know I am!
Many Thanks,
Vince McCollum
World Studies:

Students in World Studies will learn historical content through the development of literacy skills.  This is done through active participation in daily activities and mastering objectives and Common Core Standards, including researching and analyzing multiple sources and resources to develop and defend positions.  Our focus is create global citizens, as well as prepare students for their post-secondary journeys through growth in literacy skills.