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Lori Raffanti

This is my fourth year at Amundsen High School.  I have taught secondary mathematics at Mather High School and Solorio Academy High School, as well as, junior high school mathematics at  Scammon Elementary School and Onahan Elementary School.  I am excited to be at Amundsen and look forward to teaching at Amundsen for many years.

I earned my Bachelor’s degree in Secondary Education from Illinois State University.  I also have Master’s Degrees in Teaching Secondary Mathematics from University of Illinois at Chicago and  General Administration/School Leadership from Northeastern Illinois University. 

I am teaching MYP Geometry, Honors Geometry and Geometry this school year.  These classes have a focus on Common Core Standards of Mathematical practice, SAT question stands, and problem solving skills. I focus on exploring, creating and sharing the beauty of academics, as well as how to build the skills to become an independent person through the International Baccalaureate approaches to learning skills of Thinking, Communication, Social Skills, Self-Management, and Research Skills. Through this and the high expectations set for all students, the growth the students have academically sets them up for their future success. 

Office Hours:  
7:45 AM - 3:30 PM