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About Mr. Miller

Dear Parents and Students,
I am excited to begin my 12th year teaching at Amundsen High School. I have a deep appreciation for our students, their diversity, and their curiosity about the world we live in. I am committed to providing the knowledge and tools they need to succeed in young adulthood. Being a member of the Amundsen school community gives me the opportunity to teach a new generation of critical thinkers. 
I grew up in New York City and attended public schools there. I am dedicated to supporting public education and working to close the achievement gap among diverse learners. With a Bachelor's degree in Anthropology, as well as a Master's degree in teaching and an MBA, I bring a range of skills to engage my students. My interests outside the classroom include hiking, biking, playing music, reading, traveling, flying (I have a private pilots license), and numerous sports. 
This year I will be teaching chemistry and dual credit business. Please refer to Google Classroom for specific class information.
Please contact me with questions at [email protected]