Middle Years Program - PERSONAL PROJECT

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Welcome to the Personal Project Page!
Over the next several months, you will be embarking on a journey to investigate, plan, design, and create a project of you own. This is your opportunity to explore topics that are interesting to you.

Personal Project Process
Each student will be assigned a Supervisor.  Your supervisor will provide you with guidance as you work through this process.  Although 3 minimum meetings are required, you and your supervisor can meet more than this.  After school support is available.  Please check the Personal Project Website for more information.  Please contact Mr. Lim (ilim@cps.edu) for more information.

Personal Project Requirements
There are three things you have to do for your personal project.
1. Product/ Outcome: First, you have to do or create something. That’s your product/ outcome. It can be anything from building a musical instrument to writing a cookbook to designing a business.
2. Process Journal: While you are creating your product/outcome, you must record your progress in some kind of process journal. If you want, you can do it right here in this handbook. The goal is to have some documentation of your voyage. The point is that you keep track of your work. At the end, you will turn in 7-10 of your journal entries.
3. Project Report: The last thing you to do is complete the final report. It can be a written documentation of an audio or visual recording. Your supervisor will assess your final report using the personal project criteria: investigating, planning, taking action, and reflecting. The personal project criteria and rubrics can be found in the appendix of this handbook.
January: Process Journals 1 -6.  Schedule meeting #1 with supervisor.
February: Process Journals 7 - 12.  Schedule meeting #2 with supervisor.
March:  Process Journals 13-16. Schedule meeting #3 with supervisor.
April:  Complete Final Report and prepare for Presentation to your Supervisor
Forms and Documents: