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John Evans, IB Mathematics

John Evans has been an Amundsen Viking for over 15 years, and a member of the MYP/IB community for more than 10 of those. Currently, he teaches MYP Geometry and IB Mathematical Studies. 
In all courses the focus is to have students "solve a variety of complex problems in unfamiliar contexts."
Throughout the years these classes have a strong focus on Common Core Standards of Mathematical Practice, SAT question strands, and IB Assessment Criteria.
Mr. Evans is also a coach for Boys and Girls Softball at Amundsen and spends a lot of time supporting other athletic teams. After school time is difficult with these commitments, but before school and via email are great ways to get in touch.
If you are interested in joining the Math Team, please contact Mr. Evans (assistant) or Olga Prappas (head coach).