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Mr. Caswell (Social Studies)

Classes taught: 
DP Theory of Knowledge I / Civics
- This course is a central aspect of the Diploma Programme, forms an introduction to epistemology and the ways that we create and evaluate knowledge
- Integrated with course in Civics, including explorations of the methods and habits of thought that comprise an active, engaged citizen
- Classwork is comprised of reading, thinking and writing; focus is on very deep analysis of argumentation and unpacking the sources and consequences of knowledge and power embedded in the world around us. 
- Full syllabus is below
General Music
- Course is an overview of the basics of music. Topics covered will include the elements of music, basic music theory, a history of musical changed and development throughout the world, and finally an examination of how music interacts with society and culture. 
- Classwork will involve some reading and note taking, but will mostly comprise listening, interpreting, growing musical skills, and a small amount of musical composition. 
- Full syllabus is below
Debate Team
- Member of the Maroon Conference of the Chicago Debate League, participating in regular tournaments in Policy Debate (there are remote tournaments this year!)
- Meetings are Tuesdays and Thursdays via the Debate classroom; tournament schedule found on team classroom. Please email me for invitation to classroom and club. 
Honors Chamber Ensemble
- The Honors Chamber Ensemble is a voluntary additional Ensemble in the Amundsen Strings program. Our goal is to provide more advanced and challenging repertoire for students to engage with in a smaller and more collaborative setting. We perform twice a year at the Amundsen Strings concerts. 
Office Hours: By request (e-mail is best form of communication)