Amundsen Academic Decathlon Team places 3rd at state for 2nd consecutive year!

The 2020-21 Academic Decathlon Team was incredibly consistent this year with a 3rd place showing at State, City and Regionals. Amundsen will represent Illinois at the Virtual Nationals for Div IV teams.  Amundsen is the only non-selective enrollment school to represent Illinois at Nationals.
The team consisted of 6 veteran seniors: Oswald R, Deen S, Valeria R, Jackson F, Jennifer P and Caleb K. In addition to three up and coming Freshmen: Elliot K, Kael O and Charlie N.
State Medalists (March 13th):
Valeria Gold in Interview
Deen Gold in Interview 
Jackson Silver in Speech.
City Championship Medalists (February 20th):
Valeria - Varsity - 6th Speech
Charlie - Honors - 4th - Speech
Valeria - Varsity - 3rd - Interview
Deen - Scholastic - 1st - Interview
Deen - Scholastic - 6th - Essay
Oswaldo - Honors - 6th - Essay
Oswaldo - Honors - 3rd - Literature
Oswaldo - Honors - 3rd - Mathematics
Regionals Medalists (January 13th):
Oswaldo - Honors - 5th Literature
Oswaldo - Honors - 5th Music
Oswaldo - Honors - 2nd Art
Oswaldo - Honors - 3rd Math
Elliot - Honors - 6th Literature
Elliot - Honors - 6th Math
Deen - Scholastic - 5th Literature
Deen - Scholastic - 5th Music
Deen - Scholastic - 4th Science
Deen - Scholastic - 3rd Math
Deen - Scholastic - 3rd Economics
Deen - Scholastic - 5th Social Science
Jennifer - Scholastics - 6th Math
Jennifer - Scholastics - 6th Economics
Jackson - Varsity - 4th Math
Jackson - Varsity - 6th Economics
Jackson - Varsity - Social Science
Caleb - Varsity - 6th Music
Caleb - Varsity - 4th Science
Caleb - Varsity - 5th Math
Oswaldo has been the team's highest scorer at every event and the MVD for the season. 
The coaches are Jerry Zhu, Chris Bean and Minh Nguyen.
Wish them luck at Virtual Nationals next month!