Student Registration FAQ



Do I still need to come to registration in August if I already attended a pre-registration session and/or registered online?

Yes, because you will receive your class schedule, locker assignment, P.E. lock, and P.E. uniform. Students will also take their I.D. pictures.


Should I attend registration with my child?

Yes, you should attend registration with your child. You will need to complete forms that need a parent/guardian signature.


What documents do I need to bring to registration? Current Physical and Immunization Forms

Original Birth Certificate

Parent Picture ID (State or Driver's License)

2 Forms of Residency Verification (Utility bill, Voter registration card, Public Aid card or Medical card, etc.)

How much are student fees?

Underclassman - $228 (includes $3 gym lock fee)

Seniors - $325  ($225 Activity Fee and $100 Graduation Fee)

Athletic Fee - $80 (per individual sport)


How can I pay my student fees?

Online **Preferred**: You can pay student fees online at and select the e-Pay link.  Credit, Debit, and e-Check payments are accepted online via e-pay.


On-site: Cash, Money Orders, and Cashiers Checks, will be accepted for payment of fees during registration. Unfortunately, personal checks will not be accepted, however, you may pay using a personal check as an “e-check” online at


Why are P.E. uniforms not included in the school fees?

Physical Education class expectations include students fully dressing in P.E. uniforms for class. We do not include P.E. uniforms in the school fees to provide families the option of buying multiple sets if desired.


Are there any specific school supplies my child will need?

Students will receive more information regarding school supplies on the first day of school from their classroom teachers. In the meantime, you can purchase general school supplies such as paper (loose leaf), spiral notebooks, pens, and pencils.


How/when will my student receive their Ventra card?

Students can purchase a Ventra card at registration.


Who do I contact if I have more questions about registration?

If you have questions, please contact our Enrollment Coordinator, Mr. Irwin Lim, at or Ms. Zulma Soto (Spanish speaking) at 773-534-2828.