Room 203 (Period 7)

Alyssa Kalb
Diverse Learners
2018-2019 School Year

Course Description

The Cluster Program is designed for diverse students to provide access to modified curriculum in order to accommodate their individual needs. Utilizing modified curriculum from resources such as: Unique Learning, BrainPop, IXL and more, allows for differentiated instruction based on skill and performance level to ensure that all students have access to academic content. Positive behavioral supports are implemented to provide support to each student based on their needs in order to promote a safe, caring and enriched environment.    Academic topics that are covered in our Cluster Program are: Mathematics, Social Sciences, English Language Arts, Science, and Occupational Prep. The students also receive instruction for Physical Education, Art, Music, Health and World Language.  Throughout the four years that students are enrolled in the Cluster Program they are exposed to a variety of non-instructional skill building, such as: social and emotional skills, independent functioning and communication skills.  Our Cluster Program offers a unique opportunity for Community Based Instruction (CBI) where our students utilize public transit to build independent functioning skills, and implement content learned in class to a variety of environments out in the community.