Chemistry & Physics-RS1 (Period 2)

Alyssa Kalb
Diverse Learners
2018-2019 School Year


Course Description

At the most basic level, in this class, we will focus on developing our problem
solving skills by exploring Chemistry and Physics concepts and laws. Through
experimentations and instruction we will learn, develop, and adopt access to learning
skills that will improve student performance. We will all come to Chemistry and Physics
from different places, but we will all grow more each day as a team and individually.   Our problem solving ability determines many of the opportunities and choices we will
earn in our lifetime. The better that you can problem solve, the better you can interact
with the world around you. Scientific skills will benefit you in many ways because they
are one of the foundations for our educational goals from today until the day we
graduate college and function in adulthood. Chemistry and Physics, specifically, will
help us better understand ourselves and the world in which we live. Chemistry is
everywhere and Physics will aide us in understanding basic principles that govern the
physical world around us.