Geometry-Period 7 (Period 7)

Lori Raffanti

Course Description

In Geometry, students will reason inductively to construct geometric patterns, discover geometric relationships and formulate conjectures. Students will reason deductively to construct logical arguments and proofs using appropriate terminology. All students should regularly be engaged in the Standards for Mathematical Practice as defined by the Common Core. Mathematical content should be addressed through the study of big ideas allowing students to see the connections between multiple concepts. The mathematical content of Geometry includes Similarity and Congruence, Transformational Geometry, Right Triangles, Geometric Constructions and Proofs, Measurement and Dimension, Modeling, Coordinate Geometry, and Circles.

Cell Phone Policy

Cell phones or any other electronic device is brought to school at the student’s own risk. Amundsen High School will not be responsible for any lost or stolen technology device

  1. Students will be allowed to use their electronic devices in common areas during passing periods.
  2. Electronic devices are allowed in the passing period and the cafeteria during a student’s lunch period.
  3. Use of electronic devices in the classroom is prohibited, unless otherwise authorized by a teacher. (A. Authorization will likely occur when a device is used as technological support that will enhance student learning and overall growth. B. Such authorization will be revoked should the freedom of use be abused.)
  4. Charging electronic devices in the classroom is prohibited and NOT to be done at any time.

 Cell Phones are not to be used as calculators or to check the time.

Daily Class materials

  • Two (2) notebooks (Graphing notebooks if possible-these have graph paper rather than just lines)
  • One (1) large cube of Sticky Notes
  • Many Pencils & erasers (I DO NOT SUPPLY Spares)
  • Two (2) Highlighters different colors
  • One (1) manual Pencil Sharpener
  • Two (2)Folders any color (Heavy Plastic folders if possible)
  • One (1) Calculator TI30XIIS (available at Target for $9.99)

Grading Policies

Type of Assignment


Approaches to Learning Skills & Notebook






Exams & Midterms


Final Exam



Grading Scale: The following grading scale will be issued:

90-100 = A

80-89   = B

70-70   = C

60-69   = D

59 or Lower = F