Lisa Brendel
Social Science

Course Description

This course will introduce you to the study of humankind's most important creation-- the social group. When you think about it, everything that we do is either directly or indirectly influenced by the society in which we live. All of our greatest achievements, good and bad, are the products of human groups. Even the most solitary artist or writer would be utterly devoid of creativity without a social context in which to nurture individual genius or without an audience from which to draw critical evaluation. It is said that the "pen is mightier than the sword," but both were created by a far stronger power-- the human group. Indeed, there is very little in our lives that occurs outside the group context. Chances are that you awoke this morning within the confines of one group-- your family; went to work in the context of another-- your place of employment; and are now in quite a different group-- this class. Each of these groups influences your behavior in very different ways. In this course, you will examine the various skills and techniques that sociologists employ when studying groups of people. You will then examine a wide variety of groups and the behaviors that characterize them.

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