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EXTRA CREDIT: Coded Bias Documentary in Google Classroom

EXTRA CREDIT: Coded Bias Documentary

The biggest technology-based explosion in 2023 has arguably been the proliferation of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) solutions in Computer Science fields. But like all innovations, there are unexpected results and/or unintended consequences. As an extra credit assignment, you are to locate and watch the NETFLIX documentary (from start to finish) via the attached link. 

Answer all questions from the attached file,  in a Google Doc , then submit your work before the deadline.



P3 - Hobby Photo App in Google Classroom

P3 - Hobby Photo App

Zip your project folder and upload/submit to this assignment


A20 - QuestionBot Project in Google Classroom

A20 - QuestionBot Project

Zip & Submit your QuestionBot project (Steps 1 - 4)


A19- Boogie Bot Gif in Google Classroom

A19- Boogie Bot Gif

Zip and upload your project to this assignment


A18 - Functions & Making Decisions in Google Classroom

A18 - Functions & Making Decisions

Zip and Submit Before the deadline


A16 - WordGame in Google Classroom

A16 - WordGame

Zip and Upload your WordGame Program


A14 - Swift Foundations Thru Playground  in Google Classroom

A14 - Swift Foundations Thru Playground


P2 - Password Checker Python Code (Part 2) in Google Classroom

P2 - Password Checker Python Code (Part 2)

Using your finalized Pseudocode Design, convert to Python and submit your collaborated work product before the deadline.

REMINDER - 25% of this Summative Grade comes from the alignment of your design to your solution code 😱


EXTRA CREDIT: T-Shirt Design Contest in Google Classroom

EXTRA CREDIT: T-Shirt Design Contest

CPS is promoting AP Computer Science (APCS) to increase awareness and accessibility among all students in the district. At Amundsen this year, we launched our first ever APCS Principles class, taught by me, for Juniors and Seniors. We’d like to offer more classes next year so to help us advertise, we’ve started a T-Shirt Design Contest.

The shirt will be black with white images. The back of all shirts will be the same with AP Computer Science and the CS Logo. You however can help us create the front of the shirt. Here's what we need: 
To increase student voice, you can create and submit a design of the front logo for shirts that will represent Amundsen and our APCS program!
Designs can be hand-drawn or created digitally, then converted into an image or PDF file
Design files must be submitted via this assignment on or before the deadline
I will choose the best of all that I receive and then submit that to CPS to choose the final one that will be printed on all shirts for everyone throughout the district 🤩😱🤩.

Anyone who participates will receive:

EXTRA CREDIT towards your 2nd Quarter Grade
A FREE T-Shirt in whatever size you desire
$50 cold-hard-cash from me 🤑


P2 - Password Checker Pseudocode (Part 1) in Google Classroom

P2 - Password Checker Pseudocode (Part 1)

Read the program requirements thoroughly, watch the video demo, then begin working on a complete Pseudocode Design that produces the expected outputs. 

Submit your design (only 1 partner) before the deadline


A13 - Python Practice (Functions & Files) in Google Classroom

A13 - Python Practice (Functions & Files)


P1 - FizzBuzz With Keyboard Program in Google Classroom

P1 - FizzBuzz With Keyboard Program

Read and follow program requirements to the letter. Submit your completed Google Doc before the deadline.


A1 - Intro Presentations in Google Classroom

A1 - Intro Presentations