SI Phys. Education I MYP-1st PE I Assignments

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Peer Assessments in Google Classroom

Peer Assessments


5 Basketball Quiz in Google Classroom

5 Basketball Quiz

Complete the quiz using the knowledge you've gained in class. 
For help, visit: 


ATL: 10/24-11/30 in Google Classroom

ATL: 10/24-11/30

This grade is based on participation, effort, and preparation (dressing out) for PE. No submission required. 


Workout Wednesday in Google Classroom

Workout Wednesday

Assignment is based on your participation during Workout Wednesday. No submission necessary.


3 Training in Google Classroom

3 Training

This grade is based on your response to this quiz AND your skill and participation for the week of 11/7 to 11/11


2 Fitness Assessment in Google Classroom

2 Fitness Assessment


1 PE Intro in Google Classroom

1 PE Intro


Haunted House EC in Google Classroom

Haunted House EC

Upload a picture of you attending (or working) opening day of the haunted house (Thursday, 10/20). This is worth 10 points of formative extra credit. Consider it a fight-or-flight stress response test :)


Health Q1 Midterm in Google Classroom

Health Q1 Midterm


WK 8: Emotional Intelligence in Google Classroom

WK 8: Emotional Intelligence

This assignment is pretty long, so make sure you have time available to complete it or that you can go back and finish it in sections.


Week 7 Stress Assignment in Google Classroom

Week 7 Stress Assignment


Ant-Drug PSA Submission + Slides in Google Classroom

Ant-Drug PSA Submission + Slides

Attach a photo or video of your PSA. Make sure your name is on your work. If you have people in your group, comment their names so that everyone gets credit (up to 3 people).


Family Values Project  in Google Classroom

Family Values Project

Use this assignment template to create your final product for the Family Values Project, due 9/28.


Monday: Drugs & Medicine Response in Google Classroom

Monday: Drugs & Medicine Response

After reading the Drugs & Medicine supplies, complete this form to show your knowledge.


Th: Socratic Question in Google Classroom

Th: Socratic Question

On Monday, we will have a Socratic seminar about what you've learned about drugs, medicine, and alcohol. Using what you've learned this week, prepare a question for the discussion.

What is a Socratic seminar?

The Socratic seminar is a formal discussion, based on a text, in which the leader asks open-ended questions. Within the context of the discussion, students listen closely to the comments of others, thinking critically for themselves, and articulate their own thoughts and their responses to the thoughts of others

Your task: Post a thoughtful, engaging, open-ended question(s) about this week's topic. Make sure you know the material well in order to engage in Monday's class discussion. To earn points, you must speak.


W: Drugs, Nicotine, and Vaping  in Google Classroom

W: Drugs, Nicotine, and Vaping

Use the slides to learn basic information about drugs, nicotine, and vaping, then visit the National Institute on Drug Abuse’s Website ( Choose an article to learn about a specific drug or how drugs affect people. Use the article you chose to complete today’s assignment.

Recommended articles:
How Do Drugs Affect the Brain
Tobacco, Nicotines, and Vaping


T: Teens and Alcohol  in Google Classroom

T: Teens and Alcohol

Use the article "Underage Drinking" by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse
and Alcoholism (NIAAA) to complete this form.


FV Project Part 2: Family Meeting in Google Classroom

FV Project Part 2: Family Meeting


Creating a Healthy Eating Plan in Google Classroom

Creating a Healthy Eating Plan


Family Values Project Part 1 in Google Classroom

Family Values Project Part 1


2 Risk Factors in Google Classroom

2 Risk Factors


How Healthy Are you? in Google Classroom

How Healthy Are you?

Complete one (or both) of these online quizzes:

Upload a screenshot or a typed summary of your results


Ch 1 Goal Setting 101 in Google Classroom

Ch 1 Goal Setting 101