Spanish I 3rd Period Assignments

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Cuento 5- Reorder + Match in Google Classroom

Cuento 5- Reorder + Match

Instrucciones: Put the slides in order of the story so it makes sense in sequence, then put the images that match each slide underneath them. Finally, fill out the last slide with your answers in Spanish.

Past Assignments


BINGO- Practice Replacement Assignment in Google Classroom

BINGO- Practice Replacement Assignment

Instrucciones: Choose 3 activities to get “bingo” and complete them to review and write/ take pictures of your evidence and add them to the assignment to turn in. If you do any on paper- take pictures and attach it.
This will serve to replace your lowest formative assignment from quarter 2.


ATL Spanish Log Reflections in Google Classroom

ATL Spanish Log Reflections

Do a final reflection on your log and turn it in physically, or a picture of it here. You should have reflections for your practice in class and at home from 24/10-18/11.

As you reflect, consider:
How will you continue to make practicing Spanish a habit? Who will hold you accountable?
How did you do based on your and the teacher’s expectations?


Sub Day Practice Activities in Google Classroom

Sub Day Practice Activities

We have a listening and reading quiz coming up. Complete the following to prepare for Thursday's open note quiz.

1. Students should finish their School Schedule Skit if they haven’t yet (they may need to record).
2. Students study for the quiz Thursday- Linked Quizlets (cuentos, time, class supplies) Try practice activities on all 3 and try at least 1 test, submit a screenshot of your Quizlet test.
3. Students update their notes, a list of what we have taken notes on is below
4. Done? They may use the rest of class as a study hall.

Notes we should have in our notebooks:
flip book
alphabet sounds
Telling time
Story vocabulary 1-4
gender, number, and plurals
definite and indefinite articles
Subject pronouns
Question words
Class information
Mania musical- (your description/opinion of songs)
AR verbs
Ser vs. Estar
Personal dictionary


School Schedule Skit in Google Classroom

School Schedule Skit

1. Practice the provided script.
2. In grupos- 2-3 personas, write your own skit about class schedules and supplies- Include at least: 
3 classes
2 times
4 classroom supplies
3 question words
3. Practice and record your script and turn the audio in to Google Classroom. (if yours is being turned in by your partner, write that in a private comment with their name).


Story (Cuento 4) Formative Listening in Google Classroom

Story (Cuento 4) Formative Listening

Answer the questions (in English or Spanish):
1. Who is the main character and what are they like?
2. What is the problem?
3. What is the first attempt to solve it and how does it work?
4. What is the resolution?

(audio will be added later if you missed class)
Focus vocab:
Se cae- s/he falls
Se muere- s/he dies
Vive- s/he lives
Le pega (a)- s/he hits him/her


ATL Self Reflection 4/11/2022 in Google Classroom

ATL Self Reflection 4/11/2022

Fill this form out reflecting honestly on your communication and self-management skills during Spanish class for the past 2 weeks.

If you were gone all week with an excused absence, please answer the questions based on practice at home and then tell your absence in the final answer.


Dia de Muertos Padlet + Altar in Google Classroom

Dia de Muertos Padlet + Altar

Add an image or video that represents a part of Day of the Dead and include 1 sentence in Spaniglish describing it*. Then read and like at least 3 other posts.

*make sure you're signed in or that you include your name.

We also made an altar, link to the tutorial attached


Quarter 1 Reflection in Google Classroom

Quarter 1 Reflection

Use this to reflect upon your personal practice as a student and what we do in class so that we can be grounded as we move forward into quarter 2. Please answer as honestly as you can. I am using the answers to inform my future teaching and best support you. You may write in English. ¡Gracias! Sra. De Leon


Assessment Unit 1- Conversation in Google Classroom

Assessment Unit 1- Conversation

Attach your recording from the assessmnet conversation in class here!


Practice Conversation- 11/10 in Google Classroom

Practice Conversation- 11/10

Attach your recording from the practice conversation in class here!
Potential questions:
¿Cómo te llamas?
¿Cómo estás?
¿De dónde eres?
¿Qué te gusta?
¿Cómo eres? (tu personalidad/ tu identidad)
¿Cuántos años tienes?


Gallery Walk Reflections- Spanish-Speaking Countries in Google Classroom

Gallery Walk Reflections- Spanish-Speaking Countries

Open the slides and look through the information curated by your peers. Then reflect in Spanglish using the sentence starters:
Learn- Aprendo que…
Think- Pienso que…
Wonder- Me pregunto…
EJ: Aprendo que Argentina tiene el dance tango. Pienso que es muy bonito. Me pregunto por que they look like cowboys.


Spanish Speaking Countries in Google Classroom

Spanish Speaking Countries

Fill in the first 2 slides with the countries names and their capitals in Spanish (we will do this in class together). Then choose any Spanish-speaking country you want to learn more about, do some research, and make a simple and engaging informational slied using any Spanish you know and some English for new things.

Focus on slide 3!


Introducciones y saludos- Pronunciation in Google Classroom

Introducciones y saludos- Pronunciation

Go through the 4 steps on the worksheet in class (12/9) to better understand the dialogue and to get practice with language and pronunciation. Finally, record the dialoge you wrote with your partner*/**.

*only one person has to turn in your recording (if you are not the one turning it in, just comment who turned yours in and press "turn in")
**make sure you both say your names in the recording!!!

Record using your voice app, video, or


Cuento (story) Recording in Google Classroom

Cuento (story) Recording

Record yourself in Spanish retelling the story from Thursday, then attach it to the assignment. (we will have time to do this in class)

Below is our key vocabulary (bold) and some other helpful storytelling vocabulary. You can also watch the video of me telling the story.
Le dice- s/he says to him/her
Tiene- s/he has
Necesita- s/he needs
Le gusta- s/he likes
Hay- there is/are
Es- s/he is
Porque- because
Por eso- therefore
Y- and
Una persona- a person
Un problema- a problem
Va a- s/he goes to


ATL Self Reflection 2/9/2022 in Google Classroom

ATL Self Reflection 2/9/2022

Fill this form out reflecting honestly on your communication and self-management skills during Spanish class this week.

If you were gone all week with an excused absence, please answer the questions based on practice at home and then tell your absence in the final answer.


Class Survey and Syllabus in Google Classroom

Class Survey and Syllabus

Please complete this survey with information about yourself, preferences, and contact info for your caregiver.