21-22 HS1 Physics-Sarhan Pr 4 Assignments

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Human Horse power Lab in Google Classroom

Human Horse power Lab

After you finish your lab report
take a pic and upload  here


Bridge Building Construction  in Google Classroom

Bridge Building Construction

Four Sided Structure

Correct Height
Length less than 400 mm and more than 300 mm
Width less than 80 mm
Mass less than 25 grams
correct Loading positions :The center, 30. mm to the left of center and 40. mm to the right of center. The 3 loading locations must lie in the same horizontal loading plane
Loading plane : horizontal loading plane (P) between 80. and 120. mm above the support


Final exam Study guide in Google Classroom

Final exam Study guide

please work on this game and submit before noon today 


Bridge Design  in Google Classroom

Bridge Design

The design must include 3 D view 

Top view and side view drawing to actual size.  Correct measurements labeled


Bridge Building project Check list  in Google Classroom

Bridge Building project Check list

Read the 2022 Chicago Regional Bridge Contest specification
fill the chick list document and submit


current event  in Google Classroom

current event

Sub. Day Dec14
take a picture of your work and uploaded here


Study guide for the Conservation of Energy Test  in Google Classroom

Study guide for the Conservation of Energy Test

Finish the 3 worksheet study guide
take a pic of your work 
submit here
Test will start Monday 
Last day to test is Thursday Dec 16


Barbie Bungee lab report  in Google Classroom

Barbie Bungee lab report

Submit here your group project a a short video of the ride


Current Event  in Google Classroom

Current Event

Sub. Day Dec7
take a picture of your work and uploaded here


 STEM Fair Final Report Final Report  and presentation  in Google Classroom

STEM Fair Final Report Final Report and presentation

Organize all your report. Here is guide  for the report in the attached paper and the templet .
A guide for  for the presentation is attached : You may use it as reference 
There is also as student sample in the resources 
Presentation starting Dec 6


 DATA- Results- Conclusion in Google Classroom

DATA- Results- Conclusion

Tables and Graphical Representation of Data – You will turn in the data you
collected from 10 or more trials (in the form of a table) and at least one
graph showing the best values.
conclusion statement


Artificial Intelligence  in Google Classroom

Artificial Intelligence

After watching the video
fill the sheet
take a pic and submit 


Current Event  in Google Classroom

Current Event

Open the Newsela
read the articles
take the quiz, upload a pic and mark it as done


Text Book : Physics Talk ( p 363-367)  in Google Classroom

Text Book : Physics Talk ( p 363-367)


STEM3: Review of Literature (Background research)
 in Google Classroom

STEM3: Review of Literature (Background research)

Use the Report Template in the Science Fair Materials post to complete the background research part of the report.  Check the rubric before you submit your work.  Submit a copy of your work here


Vectors Handout  (Sub Day ) in Google Classroom

Vectors Handout (Sub Day )

Complete the Vectors General Physics handout 
take a pic and submit it here.


Acceleration Lab  in Google Classroom

Acceleration Lab


Marathon Lab report in Google Classroom

Marathon Lab report

Take a pic of your lab report and submit


current Event 1 in Google Classroom

current Event 1

Open the reading, read, take the quiz 
take a pic then upload, mark it as done 


STEM FAIR Proposal  in Google Classroom

STEM FAIR Proposal

Open the SF. Proposal


Week 5 class notes  in Google Classroom

Week 5 class notes

Class Assignments TB p 348 - 350 Part A-C
Take a picture or scan your work for assignments.  
Textbook p. 348 Part A #1-5
Textbook p 349 part B #1-8
Textbook p. 350 part C #1-7
It is best if you put the pictures on one document


Graph Lab  in Google Classroom

Graph Lab

Watch the video of how to make a graph using google sheet.
open the lab doc
follow instructions
you have 2 days


Graph Packet  in Google Classroom

Graph Packet

Work on the graph packet in class. take pics and upload to this assignment


STEM Fair Idea  in Google Classroom

STEM Fair Idea

Open the doc. STEM Fair Idea, take the survey then answer the questions


Sub Day : Graph Practice worksheet in Google Classroom

Sub Day : Graph Practice worksheet

Hello: Today 9/23 you will have a substitute teacher. You will be given  a graph practice work sheet.
You may work on it alone or with your table. Take a picture of your work. then upload to this assignmet.
This work  only due today


Lab #2  in Google Classroom

Lab #2

Follow the instructions in class
document your work with pictures and graphs then submit 
this is a team lab


Week 3 class notes in Google Classroom

Week 3 class notes

Follow the class talk this week. answer the questions
take a pic of your work then submit


Physics Reading 2 HW #2 in Google Classroom

Physics Reading 2 HW #2

Readin 2 
Read, Annotate answer the questions, 
take a pic and submit


Scientific Method work packet in Google Classroom

Scientific Method work packet

take pics of your work of the whole packet (given in class this Tuesday ) and submit  by Friday


Careers in Physics /Reflection  in Google Classroom

Careers in Physics /Reflection

take a pic of your complete work and submit


Physics 1 Reading Hw  in Google Classroom

Physics 1 Reading Hw

you were given a small reading packet ( Physics Reading 1) this Friday 9/3. 
take pic of your finish work and submit


Parent Hw  in Google Classroom

Parent Hw

Pease, pass this letter to you parent
yes. They have  a HW.
You will get extra points when I received from them


Milk- Tie Dye Activity  in Google Classroom

Milk- Tie Dye Activity

submit a picture of your lab report


Learning Style in Google Classroom

Learning Style

Take a survey to find out your learning style.
Go to web page:
 3. Go to student tab and select Self –Assessments and then -What's Your Learning Style?
4. Click on Answer 20 questions
Answer each question
At the end write down your information
% visual____ % auditory_____% tactile_____ 
7. Write down 6 things that your type of learners can do to learn better
8: take a screen shot of your notebook work and uploaded to this assignment : learning style


Syllabus Signature Form in Google Classroom

Syllabus Signature Form

Students and Parents, Please click on the google form to digitally sign that you've read and understand the class syllabus. The syllabus is linked to the assignment and also available in the class material.
When you finish the form just mark the assignment as done
I look forward to a wonderful year with you and your family


Who Are You  in Google Classroom

Who Are You

Who are you? Everyone has a life story. Our story shapes how we
see the world, how we interact with one another, when we feel
confident, and when we need help. Your story is very
important in this class.

What is your personal story? It is going to take time for me to
really know you as a person and a student, but for me to begin
to know you I’m asking you to share a bit of your story. Write
what you are comfortable sharing. Not sure what to write?
Here are some topics in your story you may want to share:

Interests/Skills Family Friends Hobbies

Playing Sports
Club Participation Languages You Speak

Places You Have Lived School Likes/Dislikes

Future Plans
If You Have a Job Anything Else

10 slides (10 pts.)