Free SAT/PSAT Bootcamps for Amundsen Students

Having a good SAT score is important to winning scholarship dollars and to gaining college admission.  As a result, Amundsen will be providing a free SAT/PSAT “boot camp” for its freshmen, sophomores, and juniors to provide them with the training and support needed to improve their scores.  On Friday January 11th our students were provided with an application and letter inviting them to participate in this exciting opportunity.  That information is linked below.

Normally, SAT Prep classes cost almost $1,000, but we are offering these classes to our students at no cost. Space is limited so apply asap.  Consistent attendance is required. During the Boot Camp, students will take a practice test so they can take the SAT test with confidence and the knowledge that their scores will improve.

We are accepting applications from students who truly follow the Viking Way of Accountability, Honor, and Scholarship and we are committed to providing our students with everything they need to be maximally successful on college entrance exams, so we hope that you will join us for this meaningful learning experience and WATCH YOUR SCORES SOAR!!!!!