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Clubs Information

Club Name Teacher Sponsors Meeting Time Meeting Date Meeting Room Description of Organization
AHS Online Newspaper  Mr. Lapo, Mr. Soto, & Ms. Cordero TBD TBD TBD Amundsen's official news website! We are here to fairly convey issues, entertain, and provide Amundsen High School with local and global news. All student-produced media, news, and writing is made to respectfully represent not only the school, but the community as a whole as well.
Amundsen Movie Club Mr. McMahon 3:00pm TBD 121 Amundsen Movie Club is set up to preview school appropriate past movies to discuss graphics, actor selection, and impact on society. 
Amundsen Philharmonic Mr. Fong-Bances & Mr. Reidy 3:45pm  - 4:00 pm TBD 330 Philharmonic Orchestra Performance Experience to include: Winds, Brass, Percussion and Strings
Animal Rights Activists Club Ms. Pesce 3:15pm Monday 301 Our animal rights activists club is an effective way to get students active in animal rights at school and make a difference. It allows students more freedom to discuss animal rights issues in depth without being considered too controversial. We would inform, spread awareness, and make a difference.
Anime Club Ms. Kameyama 3:05pm Wednesday Room 326 This is a club which organizes events that are anime based. We host events and we will be having a fund raiser later in the year to go to a convention called Anime Central.
Best Buddies Chapter  Ms. Kalb & Ms. Dziedzic  3:30pm Wednesday 212 Best Buddies International is a nonprofit organization. The program's main purpose is to allow volunteers to be paired up with a buddy with an intellectual and developmental disability and provide them with a friend or a mentor. The high school chapters create opportunities for one-to-one friendships with peers at school. Monthly social events are planned to build friendships, promote inclusion and develop social/communication skills between students with disabilities and their same-aged peers. 
Birding Club Mr. Ross 3:05pm Thursday 228 Bird watching club
Chamber Orchestra Mr. Caswell 3:00pm Monday & Friday 330 Performance group for advanced strings players.
Creative Writing Club/Louder than a Bomb Ms. Lekan & Ms. Nguyen 3:15pm Tuesday 308 The Amundsen creative writing club is a club that meets weekly to read published poetry/song lyrics/works of fiction and original student work. We discuss and analyze along with providing support with the writing process. Club members also write to specific prompts, structures, and themes during the meetings. This club also produces Amundsen's Louder than a Bomb slam team within the second semester. Not all members of the club need to perform in LTAB, but they are required to provide creative support. We are open to all forms of writing and all levels of craft. 
Debate Team Mr. Caswell 3:00pm Tuesday and Thursday 115 Competitive policy debate team, competing in the Chicago Debate League
Dharma Club Mr. Firak 3:15pm Monday 201 Teach students mindfulness meditation & how to navigate through life using Buddhist principles
French Club Ms. Jorge 3:00pm TBD 323 French Club will be a student group focused on celebrating the cultural fun of the  francophone world.  We will host holiday celebrations from the French- Speaking world throughout the year. 
Future Teachers' Club Ms. Frcka, Dr. Duggan and Ms. Lekan 3:10-4:00 Tuesday 125 Interested in a career of teaching? Come and discuss the various aspects of teaching along with time to build your skill set. This is a unique opportunity to talk with a university professor.
Gender Sexuality Alliance Club Ms. Bravo, Mr. McMahon, Ms. Shuki, & Mr. McCullom 3:05pm - 4:15pm Tuesday 121 The Gender Sexuality Alliance Club is open to anyone that feels they need support and guidance for identity, pronouns, and to discuss current LBGTQ+ issues within the school and outside the school.
Girls Who Code Ms. Freeman & Ms. Taylor 3:05pm Tuesday & Thursday 328 Computer Science Coding Club For Girls, or Students Who Identify As Female
Latin American Club Ms. Soberanis & Ms. Cullishpuma 3:15pm - 4:00pm Tuesday 323 The Latin American Club offers students an opportunity to use Spanish in an informal setting, and at the same time, learn about the culture of Spanish-speaking countries. Club members participate in field trips,  will host a Day of the Dead play and be a part of weekly celebrations.
Math Team Ms. Prappas & Mr. Evans 3:05pm TBD 123 and 223 Students practice and compete at the City of Chicago Math League competitions.
Model United Nations Mr. Rzodkiewiez 3:10pm-4:40pm Thursday 209 The Model UN Club participates in university-sponsored Model UN conferences throughout the year. The conferences are fully integrated simulation experiences. Students represent assigned nations in committees, student delegates cooperate and work across different forums and therefor students come to appreciate the weight and diversity of international issues.
National Honor Society Ms. Maldonado & Ms. Prappas 3:15pm Wednesday ( as scheduled) 123 Nationwide organization for high school juniors and seniors. Selection is based on four criteria: scholarship (academic achievement), leadership, service, and character.
Open Studio Art and Photography Club Ms. MacBeth & Mr. Martinez 3:05pm - 4pm Tuesday 303 Time and space to make art, talk about art, and share what you are working on. Students can propose larger or collaborative projects as the year progresses.
Peer Conferencing  Ms.  Hanus & Mr. Diaz Lunch Periods TBD Book Room The students will work with students, teachers, and the discipline office to promote restorative justice practices in our school.
Performance Chorus Mr. Spain 3:15pm - 5:00pm Friday 329 "Performance Chorus" is a club that allows students to practice singing together with a public performance as a goal.  These students may or may not have music in their daily schedule .  
Performance Chorus Mr. Spain 3:15pm - 5:00pm Friday 329 Performance Chorus is for members of Intermediate and Advanced Chorus Classes, as well as students who share a love of singing but may not necessarily have it in their schedule.  These student come together in a relaxed, social setting; to prepare and present a diverse varied repertoire of material on multiple stages throughout the year.
Ping-Pong Club Mr. Learn 3:00pm Thursday Cafeteria Students gather to play ping-pong, snack and listen to music.
Student Travel Club Ms. Hanus TBD TBD 209 This is a club that organizes international and national excursions for our students. 
Student Voice Committee Mr. Learn 3:10pm Tuesday 225 Students work to solve issues in the school. Students use their power to improve the school's facilities, culture and climate.
Taste the Difference Ms. Huddleston 3:10pm Tuesday 313 Student leaders making a difference for the community through  service and healthy food  initiatives.  
Tri-M Music Honor Society Mr. Spain, Mr. Reidy, & Mr. Fong-bances 3:15pm - 4:00pm TBD 330/329 Musicians Honor Society
Viking newsFLASH - Student Newsletter Mr. Tucker 3:00pm Thursday Counseling Office (TBD) Interesting in writing?  Do you love to know what's going on in and around the school - and outside of school? Do you love searching for interesting information worth sharing with other students?  Then become a reporter for the Viking newsFLASH - the biweekly student newsletter from the counseling office that gets sent out to all of your classmates!
Viking Theater Company Ms. Bean 3:05pm Monday - Thursday (End of November through mid March) Auditorium Viking Theater Company will produce a full public production of a play annually in March. Students can be actors, stage crew, or designers who work on the production.
Weightlifting Club Coach Caballero 3:15pm - 4:15pm Monday - Thursday Weight-room  A club where students can learn the basics of weight lifting, weight training, and fitness.
Yarn Artists Ms. Diamond & Ms. Frcka 3:05pm Every Thursday except Staff Dev Days 205 Are you creative? Love to make things? Like meeting new people and learning new skills? Join Amundsen Yarn Artists to knit, crochet and make other fun yarn projects!
Yearbook Club Ms. Chow 3:15pm Wednesday 113 Yearbook club will create and edit this year's yearbook.