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Welcome to the Viking Water Polo Team!


Welcome! We are so excited that your child has decided to become part of this team.  Although there are two teams, we run most practices together due to pool availability.  Players will be asked to attend 1 morning practice each week from 6:30 am-7:30 am. We try our best to ensure equity of playing time, but there is only varsity level. We are trying to create more Frosh/Soph opportunities as the sport gains traction in the mid-west and the city.  At this point, everyone is on the same page as they transition from JV to Varsity.



All athletes are expected to be at every practice. Practice goes from 3:20-5:15 pm. If an athlete is going to be late, they need to notify their coach in advance. If an athlete is going to be absent, they must email Coach Rusic or Coach Pedersen.

All athletes are expected to go to their games. The buses will leave at 3:15 pm for each game, unless otherwise noted. The student must return to Amundsen on the bus after the game, unless there is a parent or guardian present at the opposing school. (There is a consent form that parents must sign and have on file in order for someone other than parent to transport student athlete from away games. See or email coach for this form)


All athletes are expected to stay on top of their grades and attendance. Student-athletes are students first. You must attend all classes and be on time for those classes. Athletes are expected maintain at least a C in all classes. I will do a grade and attendance check each Monday.


All athletes are expected to model Amundsen’s Accountable, Honorable, and Scholarly motto. We are leaders in the building. Athletes are expected to show maturity, kindness, and accountability in all of their interactions with staff and peers.

All athletes are expected to eat and hydrate during the day. Health is important. Please make sure that you are properly fueling your body.


All athletes are expected to be in open communication with their coaches. This includes, but is not limited to, issues with playing time, practices, time commitments, grades, and behavior.


All athletes will recieve messages and updates through Teams by MAXPreps app/messenger. It is their responsibility to ensure they are linked to this system. Parents also have access to downloading the app.

Girls Code: BARB-SMAZE                                                  Boys Code: BANDY-RICHT


Parents should check Maxpreps for the most up-to-date real time information regarding their students game schedule and  practice times. We are very excited to have your child be a part of this program. Please do not hesitate to email us with any questions or concerns. Thank you and see you this season!





Coaching Staff

Aleksander Rusic, Boys Head Coach

Christian Pedersen, Girls Head Coach