Overview & Resources

CPS Scholarship Presentation Video can be found here.  The PPT is located below.
Welcome to the CPS Scholarship Workbook!  
Review a few notes* before you get started...
*Use the Workbook Tabs at the bottom of the page to navigate to different pages based on the scholarship's deadline.
* Scroll DOWN on your web browser to see the tabs.
*The Workbook is best viewed on a desktop or laptop; cell phones and mobile devices will reformat the Workbook.
*Eligibility requirements, application timelines and CPS Academic Works links are listed alongside the scholarship award amount and scholarship type (External or Apply-To).
Check out the additional Chicago Public Schools scholarship resources linked/listed below.
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Important Notice: Scholarships are NOT guaranteed, they are a gift. Students/families must have a financial plan to pay for college. Chicago Public Schools encourages all academically eligible students to apply for strategic scholarships that are offered through our CPS Academic Works tool to help with college costs. MOST of the opportunities are for high school senior students (most urgent student group). Scholarship applications will require closer review for actual eligibility; thoroughly review/read scholarship criteria for best contact, content and instructions on applying.