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Counselor Roles

To help students cope with the academic pressures of a highly rigorous course load, high-stakes testing, college admissions, and the scholarship/financial aid application process, Amundsen's School Counseling department offers the following assistance:


One-on-one Student Counseling & Classroom Guidance

  • Academic skills support
  • Time/stress management
  • Organizational, study and test-taking skills/Prep guidance
  • Post-secondary planning and application process
  • Career planning/Goal setting
  • Education in understanding self and others
  • Coping strategies
  • Peer relationships and effective social skills
  • Communication, problem-solving, decision-making, conflict resolution and study skills
  • Career awareness and the world of work



  • Academic planning/support
  • Post-secondary planning
  • Scholarship/financial aid search process
  • One-on-one parent conferencing
  • Referral process



  • School-to-work transition programs
  • Classroom speakers
  • Academic support, learning style assessment and education to help students succeed academically
  • At-risk student identification and implementation of interventions to enhance success
  • Providing recommendations and assisting students with the post-secondary application process
  • Classroom guidance lessons on post-secondary planning, study skills, career development, etc.


Amundsen High School Counseling Department Master Calendar



  • Review summer school credits / evaluate transcripts
  • Finalize summer transition meetings with matriculating seniors
    • Devise a time schedule for management of counseling activities
  • Coordinate department roles via Google spreadsheet 
  • Plan Parent Nights for grade levels
  • Conduct Posse Scholarship workshop for nominees
  • Conduct 2-day Freshman Orientation program (if district does not offer Freshman Connection)
  • Assist with Registration
  • Compile list of Homebound teachers
  • Develop new/maintain former community partnerships
  • Present counseling department roles/procedures during staff development week


  • Submit Evidence-Based Implementation Plan
  • Continue transcript/schedule evaluation process
  • Create Senior Master List
  • Distribute mailings & make robo calls regarding parent nights / C&C Fair to parents 
  • Finalize and distribute Senior Contract
  • Host Parent Nights – 11th/12th: 9/14/2016 & 9th/10th: 9/21/2016
  • Begin College Application Process with Seniors
  • Arrange opportunities for seniors to recover non-credit graduation requirements
  • Feeder school outreach / High School Fairs begin
  • Attend counselor workshops (professional development)
  • Schedule visits from college representatives (in College and Career Center and for the college fair on Sept. 26th)
  • 8th Grade Shadow Days begin
  • Dual Credit Intro (classroom visits) and submission of all Dual Credit paperwork
  • Organize and plan for College and Career Fair on September 26th
  • Register students for evening/Saturday school
  • CARE Team Meetings begin
  • Begin Post-Secondary Leadership Team (PLT) Meetings & tracking of KPI Data
  • College/Career Fair takes place
  • Recommendation writing for college/scholarship applications



  • Assist student and parents with FAFSA at workshops 
  • Meet with seniors to discuss post-secondary planning process in advisory, classrooms, and individually
  • Classroom guidance lessons with all grade levels begin
  • FoT/SoT Lunchtime tutoring begins 
  • Collaborate with junior teachers regarding Personal Statements / early FAFSA prep 
  • Refer students for tutoring as needed 
  • Continue to assist seniors with FAFSA/College Application process
  • Feeder school collaboration for Homecoming and Community Fall Fest events
  • Begin to schedule on-campus college and career visits / exposure
  • Assist with evening school persistence 
  • Continue to discuss graduation requirements with seniors and manage transcripts / senior master list
  • Recommendation writing for college/scholarship applications


  • Continue high school fairs and feeder school outreach 
  • Annual Open House Event / IB Info Session
  • Report Card Pick-up (consultations with students and parents) 
  • Continue College App/FAFSA Workshops
  • Work with seniors on early decision college application deadlines (submit recommendations and secondary school reports)
  • Counseling Dept. Advisory Council Meeting #1
  • Recommendation writing for college/scholarship applications


  • Continue to review transcripts & meet with students who will receive semester 2 program changes
  • Assist with any additional IB Info Sessions
  • Manage/reinforce college application deadlines 
  • Work to ensure that seniors have completed all service learning projects 
  • Continue to manage senior recovery of non-credit graduation requirements
  • Reinvigorate promotion/exposure to scholarship opportunities with seniors
  • Recommendation writing for college/scholarship applications


  • Care Team: Think First and CBITS social-emotional groups begin
  • Continue to review transcripts for potential semester 2 program changes
  • Review semester grades and schedule meetings with students who have failed one or more classes and/or have poor attendance 
  • Continue to publicize scholarship opportunities 
  • Identify and assess student needs and plan for group counseling sessions / classroom guidance lessons
  • Support students with SAT Prep / boot camp
  • Recommendation writing for college/scholarship applications


  • Double-check to make sure all semester 2 program changes went into effect
  • Publicize spring college tours
  • Remind students of deadlines for college applications 
  • Register students for evening/Saturday school 
  • Continue to conduct group counseling sessions 
  • Continue FAFSA workshops 
  • Schedule and implement program planning appointments with grades 9-11                                                                                          


  • Continue program planning appointments with grades 9-11 
  • Assist with SAT examination (date TBD)
  • Publicize part-time summer job/internship opportunities and provide application information 
  • Review grades and conduct program appointments and create plan for the following year 
  • Request copies of college acceptance letters and scholarship notices 
  • Continue group counseling sessions 
  • Wrap up FAFSA completion
  • Begin FAFSA workshops with juniors
  • Create Flashlight Presentation 


  • Review student grades/credits 
  • Inform seniors about upcoming National Decision Day
  • Report Card Pick-Up (consultations with students and parents) 
  • Proctor AP/IB Exams
  • College Visits/Tours
  • Review Senior Contract with students & upcoming senior events
  • Continue to attend PD opportunities


  • National Decision Day event
  • Proctor AP/IB Exams
  • Send POSSE nomination form to AHS staff
  • Prepare and implement High School Investigation Day 
  • Compile tentative June graduation list 
  • Prepare for/select dates for summer freshman programs (ie, Freshman Orientation / summer transition counseling) 
  • Contact parents/guardians of students who may not be eligible for graduation (contact by certified mail including reasons why) 
  • Finalize FAFSA corrections
  • Ensure that all seniors complete the Senior Exit Questionnaire
  • Counseling Dept. Advisory Council Meeting #2


  • Review transcripts of students who were placed on the “Senior Failure List” 
  • Discuss summer school opportunities with students/parents 
  • Compile final June graduation list 
  • Finalize POSSE list and submit nominations
  • Submit final graduation list to principal for review 
  • Obtain final transcript request information for students admitted to college 
  • Participate in graduation ceremony 
  • Register students for summer school 
  • Prepare office for the next school year 
  • Mail Freshman Orientation post-cards to parents
  • Summer Transition Counseling begins


  • Finalize Freshman Orientation plans 
  • Summer Transition Counseling continues: Provide support to graduating seniors and their families, including financial aid support, college housing and transportation issues and other barriers to college matriculation 
  • Develop and execute customized data plans for working with students