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Meet Ms. Riecke

Hi there.
I'm Ramona Riecke, and I teach MYP English I and Senior Seminar. I am excited to be part of the Amundsen community (and I think you should be, too)! Here are some facts about me:
  • I got my M.Ed from Loyola University Chicago. I am passionate about the values of social justice and inclusion, as well as their intersections with the International Baccalaureate philosophy. 
  • I work to set high expectations and offer opportunities for student leadership and teaching. To me, the classroom is a community, and each student's experience and viewpoint contributes to that.
  • I sponsor Comics and Zines Club and love to incorporate art, media, and self-publishing into the curriculum. Supporting students in creative exploration and expression is inspiring to me.
  • I co-sponsor Gender and Sexuality Alliance with Ms. Bravo-Gonzalez, Mr. McMahon, and Ms. Monaco. Watching students support each other and effect change on a schoolwide level (and beyond) is another of my favorite things.
  • I have lived in Chicago for five years. Before I started teaching in CPS, I worked at the Field Museum in the Education department.
Office hours are available upon request. Please get in touch with me at to schedule a meeting or ask questions about grades, content, or anything else. I'm here to help!