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Learn about English III

English III Syllabus (2021-2022) 

Ms. Jorie Pesce

English & ESL teacher, EL coordinator

Rm 226

[email protected]

Teaching Periods: 3, 5, 6 

Prep/EL Coordinator Periods: 1, 2, 4, 7, 8

Core Class Texts: The texts listed below are central to our units this year (although we will be reading additional fiction and nonfiction texts that are not listed). The texts with a (***) next to them are our class novels and will be loaned out to you. However, we highly suggest you purchase your own so that you can annotate in them. If you want to purchase the novels, please let us know so you buy the correct version. The rest of the readings will be printed and distributed in class.

Unit 1: Reading and Writing Our Own Stories

"Only Daughter" by Sandra Cisneros

"Mother Tongue" by Amy Tan

"The Lesson" by Toni Bambara 

Unit 2: Power, Place, and Privilege

Kite Runner -Khaled Hosseini ***

Unit 3: Poetry and Resistance 

"America" by Walt Whitman

"I Hear America Singing" by Walt Whitman

"I, Too" -Langston Hughes

“Let America Be Again” by Langston Hughes  

"Still I Rise" by Maya Angelou

"Litany for Survival" by Audre Lorde

"Letter to the Local Police" by June Jordan

"Small Needful Fact" by Ross Gay 

Unit 4: Young Adult Identity 

Don't Ask Me Where I'm From - Jennifer DeLeon ***

Contacting Ms. Pesce

Ms. Pesce can be contacted through email. I do my best to respond to student emails within 24 hours. If you have urgent questions about an assignment, and cannot reach me, use the Google Classroom website to reach out to peers or double check assignment expectations.

Preparing for Class

There are very few times a week when homework is assigned, and you will usually have time in class to get started on your homework. So, when it is assigned, it is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that you complete it because we will be using it the next day in class. Completion means that all sections/questions have been filled out in complete, logical sentences, in legible English. Students who do not meet those requirements will not be able to engage in group work and/or miss out on opportunities for revision feedback. 

Google Classroom

Each class will have a Google Classroom site. Ms. Pesce will use the site to upload daily activities and assignments. Students can also use this as a space to get clarification on class assignments from their peers in case a teacher cannot be reached. Remember, the website is an extension of Amundsen. This means that Amundsen rules and expectations for student conduct apply to the site as well. 


If you know you will be absent for a future event (college visit, religious holiday, family reunion, family vacation, etc.), let us know at least a week ahead of time. This will allow us to prepare materials for you and help you schedule a timeline that will allow you to fully invest in whatever you're doing while also staying on top of your work. 

If you are unexpectedly absent (sickness, family emergency, etc.) please check Google Classroom to see what you missed and email Ms. Pesce Emergencies come up, and they're not always easy to navigate. But the more you communicate with us, the more supportive we can be. 

Late Work Policy

If students do not complete their "Assigned CEA Question," they will not be able to participate in the Wall Walk: they will use class time to complete the CEA for a partial grade. Turning in Extended CEAs late will result in a partial grade, and the student will miss an opportunity for revision. End of Unit Projects and Essays may be subject to a deduc every day after the due date. 

*If you have a circumstance that is making you chronically absent or late with your work please let us know. The sooner we know the issues you're facing, the sooner we can support you and be flexible. 


Don’t do it! It’s a big waste of your time, and it is easy to identify when students copy each other or the internet. Google Classroom also has an embedded plagiarism checker. Any amount of plagiarism, whether it is one sentence or one paragraph, is plagiarism. If plagiarism is found, the student will receive a 0 on the assignment, and it will be documented in Student Logger for school records. Students cannot redo or revise plagiarized assignments. 







Class Activities: 

-Comprehension Quiz

-Book Bite

Class Activities: 

Wall Walk

Class Activities: 

Flex Day: Reteaching, revisions, reviewing key skills/concepts, or goal setting 

Class Activities: 

-Pre-Discussion research


Class Activities: 

-Extended CEA writing day and conferences 


-Revising previous Extended CEAs


Comprehension Quiz

Book Bite


Wall Walk





Extended CEA

HW: Complete Assigned CEA Question



HW: Complete Extended CEA Outline 

HW:  Read/annotate assigned reading

Grade Explanation 

Gradebook Category:  Approaches to Learning (AtL)

Weight of Category: 15%

  1. Book Bite

Purpose: Demonstrate close reading by summarizing, making connections, asking questions, or identifying key passages; Facilitate student-led conversations about the text. Understand key passages in order to answer analysis questions later in the week in discussion and extended CEAs. Grades are based on quality participation of all group members. 

When does it happen? Once a week 

How much is it worth? 20pts

Can I redo it? No 

What if I’m absent?  If you are absent the day a Book Bite is completed, you will be exempted from that group score.

  1. Wall Walk

Purpose: Practice analysis writing skills; Practice peer-editing and providing quality feedback. Grades are based on quality participation of all group members. Students who show up to class without their work completed will not be able to participate in group work and will spend class time completing their homework for a partial grade. 

When does it happen? Once a week 

How much is it worth? 20pts

Can I redo it? No

What if I’m absent?  If you are absent the day a Wall Walk is completed, you will be exempted from that group score.

Gradebook Category: Formative Assessments

Weight of Category: 35%

  1. Quizzes

Purpose: Comprehension and accountability check

When does it happen? Once a week (the day after an assigned reading)

How much is it worth? 10pts

Can I redo it? No

What if I’m absent? If you are absent the day that a Quiz is given, you must take it the next time you are in class. If you are absent the day a reading is assigned, you still need to take the quiz when you return to class. All readings will be posted to Google Classroom for easy access.

  1. Extended CEAs

Purpose: Demonstrate ability to clearly and accurately respond to class questions by analyzing key passages from the text in a well-organized written response.

When does it happen? Every other week 

How much is it worth? Q1- 24pts; Q2- 32pts; Q3- 40pts; Q4- 48pts

Can I redo it? YES: All students are required to revise their writing the following week after receiving teacher feedback. Students can revise Extended CEAs for full credit (100%). All revisions MUST BE HIGHLIGHTED and turned in with the original CEA Response and rubric in order to receive a revision grade.

What if I’m absent? If you are absent the day an Extended CEA is assigned, you are expected to turn it in on the normal due date. If you are absent the day it is due, you can turn it in the following day and still have an opportunity to revise.

  1. Discussion

Purpose: Demonstrate analysis of key passages related to our class questions through verbal responses. 

When does it happen? Once a week 

How much is it worth? 20pts

Can I redo it? No, BUT you can earn up to 5pts extra credit. 

What if I’m absent? If you are absent the day of a discussion, you need to make an appointment before the next discussion to make it up

Gradebook Category:  Summative Assessments

Weight of Category: 50%

  • End of Unit Projects

Purpose: Demonstrate knowledge of key concepts, essential questions, and literary contexts in a cohesive, well-organized, project that fulfills all of the assessed standards on the rubric. Writing must have a clear thesis and analysis of key passages from the text. This could also require students to demonstrate verbal skills such as a speech or presentation. 

When does it happen? At the end of each unit

How much is it worth? 100pts 

Can I redo it? No *You will be given multiple opportunities for revision and feedback prior to the final due date*