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Mr. Timothy McGowan

I am pleased to take this opportunity to (re)introduce myself to you and to (re)welcome everyone to Amundsen's new website. This is my 14th year at Amundsen High school, 11 years as a librarian and 3 years as an English teacher. Prior to Amundsen I taught English for 5 years at Bogan High School. I am a graduate of Eastern Illinois University with a major in English, did my Secondary Education training at Chicago State University, and received a Masters in Library in Information Studies at the University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa.

I am really looking forward to the second semester, building upon the skills students have mastered so far, and helping students accomplish new challenges in the language arts subject area. I feel that a positive learning experience is built on a collaborative effort among parents, student, and teacher, and I welcome your questions and concerns as the year progresses.

We have many expectations for our seniors. One of the biggest is being responsible for assignments and actions. Your student is responsible for completing and turning in each assignment.