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Mr. Markowitz - Diverse Learner Teacher

I'm happy to teach with the Cluster Program for the 5th year at Amundsen High School now.  There, students learn a wide variety of real-life math and communication skills!  I also teach Occupational Preparation and Financial Algebra for seniors. In all these classes I do my best to connect the students to organizations like Access Living, Have Dreams, and others that help them overcome barriers by imparting independent living skills, teaching economic self-sufficiency, and enabling them to transition to autonomous community living. It is a pleasure working with Ms. Alyssa Kalb and Mr. Nelson well as a ton of great SECAs in the Cluster Program at Amundsen (PS--check out the great pictures at Ms. Kalb's sites).
*1st period: Math (Room 201)
*2nd period: Math (Room 201)
*4th period: Financial Algebra (Room 201)
*5th period: Financial Algebra (Room 201)
*7th period: Occupation Preparation (Room 201)
Please feel free to contact me anytime at [email protected]
It's GREAT to be back in the building and the classroom!
Let's have a wonderful school year!