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Bienvenidos a mis clases

Hello students and parents,
My name is Ileana Covalcic Gutiu and I have been teaching at  Amundsen High School since 1993, working with many generations of the neighborhood kids. 
I have earned a Bachelor's Degree (double major: French/Spanish) from the University of Bucharest, Romania, my birthplace.
After many years from my arrival to the United States , I have obtained a Master's Degree in Multicultural Education from Colombia College, in Chicago.
I speak Romanian, French, Spanish and English . I am personable and optimistic person by nature.
I love to read, to watch plays and movies, to travel, to cook and eat new dishes and to experience new places. I am not very athletic, my victories are long daily walks.  Mistakes and misfortunes make me smile and ready to start over.
I aim to inspire my students to be sincere, positive and comfortable in the classroom, and to be willing to acquire the Spanish language communication skills that will enable them  to understand and appreciate new cultures.