Francis Guenette » ESL 2 and MYP French 2

ESL 2 and MYP French 2

Amundsen High School

Francis Guenette

French 2 Regular and MYP


Bonjour et Bienvenu(e) en classe de français! I hope this year will be interesting, educational, and even fun.

Through games, exercises, and other activities, you will learn to read, write, listen to, and speak

French. You will also learn about France and other French-speaking countries. If you have any

problems in this course, please don’t hesitate to ask for help before or after class, or after school.

I am available after school most days Monday through Thursday.

School Website:

We will also be using Google classroom, which can be found at

My email: – This is the best way to communicate with me


  1. No foul language, IN ANY LANGUAGE, is permitted.
  2. Wear your mask at all times.
  3. Defacing school property (walls, desks, etc.) is prohibited.
  4. Leave your cell phone in a pocket or backpack unless we’re using phones for educational purposes.
  5. Speak only when it’s your turn or when working with a partner or partners.


Grading criteria, according to World Language Department policy:

Summative Assessments– 40%   This includes productive, receptive, and interactive unit assessments

Formative Assessments - 50%    This includes classwork, homework, quizzes, and projects.

Approaches to Learning – 10%    This includes your participation and speaking of French.


Bienvenu(e) et bonne chance!